About Lodewyck Croquetten Culinary Journey


Amsterdam. Undoubtedly the world’s most liberal, relaxed city with a distinctive sense of style and sophistication. This is clearly seen in Amsterdam’s attitude and approach to food.

Lodewyck’s sole purpose is to take Amsterdam’s culinary lifestyle and gastronomical culture to the four corners of the world, for all to experience. Welcome to the world of Lodewyck.

About Lodewyck Croquetten


Lodewyck takes your palate on a journey of textures and flavors, starting with a crispy, savory, golden shell. Inside, a perfect balance of meat, herbs, and spices, combined in a rich, velvety ragout engulfs your taste buds. Only the freshest of ingredients are ever used, but the real secret to Lodewyck’s perfect croquettes comes from our mastery of the culinary crafts. It’s this very skill that enabled Lodewijk XIV’s chefs to create the masterpiece that is the croquette. And this is how Lodewyck continues that tradition by pushing the boundaries of gastronomy to create the perfect Amsterdam lifestyle snack to satisfy the discerning chef in you.